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LTE Mac Scheduler & Radio Resource Scheduling


CellOS Software advanced MAC schedulers not only ensure optimal scheduling of radio resources under different traffic/application/radio conditions, but also perform with minimum computational complexity.

  • Application content aware MAC schedulers: They interact with core network modules to acquire the knowledge of application content of each user. Having this information, they will improve the experience of users of certain applications by giving them high priority in radio resource access.
  • QoS aware MAC scheduler: They recognize different QoS requirements of users and improve the scheduling of radio resources to increase spectral efficiency of the network while ensuring that each user meets the expected QoS.

CellOS Software has recently developed following new cluster scheduling algorithms for coordinating radio resources in cluster of neighboring cells.

  • Dynamic Frequency Allocation & Cluster Blanking: They minimize inter-cell interference and share the fixed frequency resource dynamically to yield better performance in end user data rate and overall data rate in the network.
  • Cluster Joint Transmission: It is a Coordinated MultiPoint (COMP) algorithm and exploits the inter-cell interference to achieve even better performance with minimum processing complexity.



Super scheduler considers the cluster as a large cell and allocates radio resources to each UE accordingly to maximize the total data rate of the cluster.

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