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Custom Application Development

Custom App Development

Today, the capture and analysis of data going through the Communications network is key to produce real-time actionable insights required across the service provider organization.

Such insights help optimize the network, assure customer experience, or innovate the business in a fiercely-competitive marketplace.

CellOS Software  team can transform the right data into such actionable insights to help differentiate and excel in Communications marketplace.

Our Differentiators

CellOS Software  offers customized development of advanced analytics applications by leveraging the data extracted by the Data Extraction Platform from your network. Such custom-developed, advanced, actionable analytics solutions will enable your business operations to step up and make a significant impact in your markets.

  • Our customized applications will support integration with our various Knowledge applications, and can also support any existing high-performing data warehouse and big data platforms.
  • The applications will be highly-scalable and ultra-fast. They will support processing over 2 billion events per hour.
  • The applications will support template-based approach to integrate with new data sources such as with CRM, Device master, etc.
  • The applications will be able to offer contextual intelligence driven predictive modelling and automation.
  • The applications will be designed to include data collection, data management and analysis, and user-friendly visualization layers along with a customized action engine.

Get in touch with us to know how we help you in your search for a customized analytics solution that meets your needs.